About Us

The Aimm developers own and operate an airport that has a mix of Commercial, Private and Club G.A. Operations. They have a software background, having developed Health Industry software that is used by thousands of sites across Australia, NZ and the UK. So it was natural for them to develop various pieces of software to make it easier to run their own Airport operations, and with the software being Internet based they made the decision to have these available to other aerodromes too.


'Aimm' (Automated Intelligent Movement Management), is an Intelligent Airspace and Movement Monitoring and reporting system to easily and economically provide the analysis and reports required for efficient management of aerodomes. This system draws heavily on the developers' long history in computer Data Analytics (extracting the meaning from raw computer data) and analysis of patterns in data, to have the computers themselves carry out much of the background work to enable Aimm to handle the reporting and landing billing data more efficiently than aerodromes could do for themselves.


With one or more of the team already wearing the 'hats' of Pilot, Aircraft Owner, Flying School Manager, Aerodrome Operator, Instructor and Studentů they approached the specifications from an end user perspective. And their computer backgrounds made it possible to provide an efficient solution.