Aimm tracks movements for Airports, and produces the reports they need for Risk Management, Compliance, Complaints and Landing Fees.

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Cost Effective 'Aimm' versions for Large Airports and Small Airfields...

Aimm captures accurate data on all aircraft activity in and around your aerodrome regardless of size, number of movements or locations.
Aimm has different sized systems available to suit the different needs of International Airports, Regional Airports and Local Airfields.
For small airfields Aimm's computer analysis of the radio calls autonomously produces good quality reports, almost untouched by human hands and hence very economically.
For medium or large airports, the choice of call playback methods often improves the cost efficiency of landing fee collection and provides much better managment information to allow faster decisions.


Aimm's software condenses your airport's data into clear monthly reports that are sent within one week of the end of each month, in a format that helps your management team make informed decisions. In event of a complaint or incident, your staff can listen to any radio call from 20 minutes ago to three years ago, from any internet connected computer.

'Better measurement for better Airports.'


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